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Whether you need strategic advice or representation in court, we’re here to help.…

Real estate and construction law

Our team advises major players in the fields of real estate and construction on matters such as:

  • Advice for constructors on how to draft corporate agreements and terms and conditions
  • Defending constructors that are being held liable under contractual or tort law
  • Requests for expert opinions
  • Planning law (PAG/PAP)
  • Supporting constructors as regards public procurement contracts and disputes involving public procurement contracts
  • Specific support for certain consortia in the context of public-private partnerships (PPP)


    Civil law

    Our team can advise you on extrajudicial matters such as negotiating, drafting, interpreting, executing and terminating contracts. We are all well versed in procedural technique and able to represent you at any level of the civil court system; this applies to all branches of civil law in the broadest sense:

    • Civil liability under contract or tort law
    • Banking and financial law
    • Insurance law
    • Leases
    • Co-ownership
    • Real estate law (buying and selling property, easements, boundary disputes, disputes between neighbours, etc.)
    • Compensation for victims of accidents or criminal offences
    • Debt recovery (garnishment)

    Commercial and corporate law

    Our team offers legal advice and representation in the following areas of commercial law:

    • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts (distribution, licensing, joint ventures, terms and conditions, etc.)
    • Managing the breakdown of established commercial relationships
    • Commercial leases
    • Shareholder disputes (appointment of an ad hoc administrator, receiver-manager, auditor)
    • Banking liability (liability of wealth managers, fund managers and company auditors carrying out investment fund audits)

    We also offer legal advice and representation in relation to corporate law:

    • Creating companies, choosing a legal structure (SAS, SASU, SARL, SA, SNC, etc.)
    • Company restructuring
    • Shareholders’ agreements
    • Advice and assistance for company directors in the context of a transfer or bequest
    • Advice on disputes relating to companies and how to resolve them

    Criminal law

    Our team offers a wealth of experience in criminal law, including in relation to companies. FCB LAW lawyers are familiar with all procedures provided for by the Luxembourg Criminal Procedure Code (CPP) and the various criminal offences defined in the Luxembourg Criminal Code (CP). If you are charged with a crime or misdemeanour, our team will rise to the challenge of mounting your defence within the Luxembourg court system, motivated by a deep commitment to securing the best possible outcome for you. We also represent victims of crime as they seek redress for the harm they have suffered.

      Labour law and social security

      The firm boasts a wealth of experience in this complex area of law and counts a number of public institutions among its clients.
      Employers of all kinds turn to us for assistance with procedures as varied as drafting an employment contract, dismissing an employee or negotiating an out-of-court settlement, as well as for representation before the labour courts.
      Our firm also represents employees in matters relating to the execution and termination of their employment contract. Lawsuits pertaining to social security, including requests for a disability pension or pension plan, also fall within the firm’s area of expertise.
      Moreover, we have experience negotiating redundancy programmes.

      Family and inheritance law

      Our team would be delighted to help you with family-related matters, such as:

      • Drafting your marriage contract
      • Representing you in court in cases relating to divorce, disputes concerning children, child support, custody, residence and access rights, etc.
      • Assisting you with parent-child relationships and the adoption process
      • Wills and gifts
      • Advising and representing you in inheritance law disputes

      Administrative law

      In the past, we have defended the interests of citizens wishing to dispute decisions that adversely affect them, just as we have fought for public entities such as communes issuing decisions that could be challenged in the administrative courts. Examples of lawsuits in this area include:

      • Disputes regarding building permits
      • Planning disputes (PAG/PAP)
      • Dismissing employees or civil servants
      • Improper job applications
      • Disputes regarding subsidies that were not granted
      • Disputes regarding rejected applications for leave to remain

      Insurance law

      Our team is well equipped to manage disputes between insurers and insured parties.
      Whether you are looking for advice about your insurance policy or caught up in a dispute about the cover you offer (liability, compensation, request for damages, litigation), we will draw on our wealth of experience to advise you on the steps to take with companies and other insured parties.

      Sports law

      Very few firms have expertise in sports law, but our clients include sporting federations and clubs as well as the organisers of sports events. A wide array of sports-related matters can be handled by our team, including negotiating and drafting contracts, image rights and protecting the rights of both professional and amateur sportspeople. Our knowledge of the legal sports world ensures that we can provide our clients with appropriate representation as they settle their disputes in court.
      The firm has unrivalled experience in handling international arbitration heard at the TAS/CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

      Medical liability

      We advise and represent healthcare professionals facing professional liability lawsuits (surgical operations, iatrogenic infections, etc.).